Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It is free to list your business or service on this website.

Yes you can list up to 10 of your businesses. If you need more then congratulations on your efforts and you can contact us to arrange more listings

We only restrict content that would be considered offensive or inappropriate. We assume that you will be aware of what constitutes acceptable community guidelines.

Yes you can. We have a special offers page for this purpose, however a small charge will apply to cover our costs for placing the offer on site. 

We have  currently have on site many excellent marketing products that many business owners may not ordinarily be able to access. 

We shall be adding to the inventory of products every month until further notice. 

These products will give you a genuine competitive edge in your business and are available to members of this site. 

Simply put your business will have a top notch marketing department at your fingertips at all times, with none of the overheads.

On occasion we offer products for free however due to product cost and the time involved in implementing these marketing products in your business there will be a cost involved.

Importantly, our first priority is to you as a business owner and therefore, we believe, any such costs will be less than you will find in the broader marketplace and in almost all cases they will be offered on a free ‘try before you buy’ basis. This way you can assess if any such product is working for you before you invest.

We intend to inform users of this site about any new marketing products via our newsletter which will be produced on a monthly basis. 

We are more than happy to hear your suggestions and if possible we shall make any such product available